Fund a prayer place with a $5,000 Waqf!

Our Masjid is vulnerable to earthquakes and needs to be rebuilt.

You have a chance to fund an entire prayer place!

Our current designs plan for 425 prayer places. You have a chance to fund one of these prayer places.

Detailed designs and budgets are still underway and may change, but calculations show that very approximately, $5,000 will be the cost of one prayer place (approximately the size of one sajda prayer mat in the prayer section of the Masjid).

Why are we rebuilding our Masjid?

Wellington New Zealand has 5,500 Muslims, but we are growing fast, at over 5% per year.

Our small local Masjid in the area of Lower Hutt serves 1,000 of us. It was built decades ago for commercial use and has been serving our community since 1997 when our numbers were tiny, a little more than a few dozen Muslims. Al-humdulillah our Masjid now fills during Friday prayers, and overflows during Ramadan.

We are running out of space, and worse, large earthquakes are common in Wellington, and we have been advised by engineers that the Masjid is not earthquake safe and must be rebuilt.

  • Funds already raised

    As of 28 March 2023, with your incredible support, we have already raised $417,076.

  • We also need your help

    While we have been raising funds locally, we need nationwide and global support.

  • Many hands make light work

    If 20,000 Muslims donate just $100, we would almost have enough to start the build.

Smaller donation options

If you can't afford $5,000, do not worry, you can still easily share in the rewards! You can donate instantly online from as little as $40. Every single donation counts towards your ongoing rewards!

Click here to make a smaller donation instantly online

All funds go to a registered charity

  • The new Masjid project is managed by the Lower Hutt Islamic Centre Trust, which is registered with the New Zealand Government Charity Register under registration number CC37154 (click here to view), The trust is governed by our 14 member Board of Trustees, made up of members of the local Muslim community. All funds raised are deposited in a dedicated bank account, specifically set aside for development of the new Masjid.

$5,000 Waqf payment options

  • You can donate the $5,000 in multiple ways. For example:

    A single payment of $5,000

    $208 per month for 2 years

    $416 per month for 1 year

    $833 per month for 6 months

    You can donate via national or international bank transfer using the bank details below.

    Please note that international bank transfer fees vary by bank and country, but usually cost between US$15 and US$25. So it is better to do a smaller number of larger transfers. For example, one $15 fee on a single transfer of $5,000 costs a lot less than twelve $15 fees on each 12 transfers of $416.

    For national transfers within New Zealand, there are generally no transfer fees, so smaller periodic payments can be made.

Waqf bank transfer details

Please use a transfer description/reference of "WAQF" so we can easily distinguish these payments.

Account Name: Hutt Valley Trust

Account Number: 02-0534-0189354-05

Bank: Bank of New Zealand (BNZ)

Branch: Lower Hutt