Lower Hutt Islamic Centre

Lower Hutt Islamic Centre (LHIC) was established in 1997 to serve the growing islamic needs of the muslim community in the greater Hutt Valley. Alhamdulillah we have grown tremendously since then and continue to see an increase in our congregation. The centre is located in Lower Hutt suburb of Taita, easily accessible via the SH2 and from within the Lower Hutt suburbs. It operates as a not-for-profit charitable trust under the aegis of Hutt Valley Trust (Registration No. CC37154) with eligible tax credit status (More details available on the Charities website – charities.govt.nz). Lower Hutt Masjid consists of a group of working professionals, community leaders and individuals coming together to volunteer and serve the close knit community by helping to promote and increase the love of Islam and the beauty and peaceful message it brings to the world. 

The foundational principles of LHIC are:

  1. Advancement of the religion of Islam by passsing the faith to the others by promoting it, spreading its message, and taking positive steps to sustain and increase the religious beliefs & practices.
  2. Advancement of education by providing counselling, spiritual, educational services and programs to the community, in particular young people, in Lower Hutt:
    1. Islamic classes for children
    2. Quran classes for adults and children
    3. Educational Seminars and Lectures
    4. Youth and Adult Education Classes
    5. Holiday Programmes
  3. Establish and maintain an Islamic Centre, School, and Youth Activity Centre to contribute towards community development.

LHIC provides several services including, but not limited to, five daily prayers, Friday prayer, Ramadan programs (taraweeh and weekend iftars), Kindergarten, weekend Islamiat and Qur’anic school, Lower Hutt Muslimah group and a kids play group.


14 Hunter Street, Taita, Lower Hutt 

Amenities at Lower Hutt  Islamic Centre: 

Men Prayer Hall

  • Women Prayer Hall
  • Ablution Area for Men
  • Ablution Area for Women
  • Parking
  • Toilet for Men
  • Toilet for Women
  • Community Hall
  • Community Kitchen
  • Library
  • Burial Arrangements (coordinated with Upper Hutt Islamic Centre)
  • Weekend Tafseer Programmes
  • Daily Hadith after Maghrib/Ishaan Prayer.
  • Sunday Quran and Islamic Studies classes (Link to Saleheen New Zealand webpage).